I have some very exciting news to share!

I am constantly asked if I do either “just” training or nutrition plans on their own!

Some ladies have their training down pat, and just need a hand with a meal plan.

Other ladies have their eating under control, but they really need a training program to follow so they know what they should be doing for their workouts.

If either of these is you, I’ve got great news!

Just launched on my website today are the following programs:

8 Week Meal Planning Program

This program is for ladies who have their exercise regime sorted, but need help in the nutrition department. If you do a local bootcamp, F45, Crossfit, or are already a gym goer, but aren’t seeing the results you want – this program is for you.
With this program, you will complete an in depth questionnaire, which I will use to write you your own Personalised Meal Plan.
Every fortnight you’ll check in with me, and I’ll send you a new meal plan so you don’t get bored of eating the same thing.

CLICK HERE to view more about the 8 Week Meal Planning Program

8 Week Workout Programs

This program is for those ladies who are confident with their nutrition, but want to learn how to train like me. If you are keen to learn my tried and tested training techniques to sculpt a lean, womanly physique – this program is for you.
You can choose from two options, GYM BASED WORKOUTS for those who go to the gym, and HOME BASED WORKOUTS for those of you who want to train at home (especially great for mums who simply can’t get to the gym).

CLICK HERE to view Gym Based Workouts
CLICK HERE to view Home Based Workouts

Reset Diet Protocol

My final new program is one that you may have heard Emma and myself mention on Snapchat and YouTube! I am now offering my Reset Diet Protocol through my website. If you’re training hard, eating well, and feel like you aren’t seeing results – you need a reset! A reset basically focuses on two things – gut health and hormonal balance. So it works with your bodies systematic functions back in check!

If this sounds like something you may need, I’d recommend you follow THIS LINK and view the full info video about the program.

The best thing about all of these programs is that they are just $99.00 AUD, and available now!

I hope you find these beneficial! If you have a friend who you think may benefit from any of these programs, please feel free to forward them this link.

If you have any questions about my programs, like always, please feel free to email me – coaching@bodiesbyrachel.com.au


Lots of love,

Rach xx


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