5 Struggles During My Prep!

Hi gorgeous,  Only a few days until I compete at my third WBFF Worlds! I am so excited to get back on stage! Winning my first WBFF World Title as Bikini Champion in 2016 was a surreal experience, and since then, I've continued on my journey to building my dream physique. For me, this is a tiny waist, sculpted legs, a tight core and shapely, hourglass figure. I'm proud of the work I've put into my body and can't wait to share my best package yet at this years WBFF Worlds 2018! Competing has been such a rewarding experience for me. It has taught me so much about myself and challenged me to become the person I always knew I could be. BUT, as with anything in life that's worth having, its not easy! During every prep I learn new things about my mind and body. With this years show right around the corner, I thought I would share the 5 biggest struggles that I've faced this year: 1. FINDING TIME This is the most common issue for me and also my clients! There is no denying the simple fact that you need to invest TIME into your body in order for it to change. I personally workout 6 days per week, and over the last few weeks, have been training twice most days. I need to make time to prepare my meals, and I also need to make time to sleep and recover in order to look my best. The best solution to this problem is preparation. I need to create an environment and plan my days so that I can achieve everything that I set out to. This means setting aside a few hours on Sunday and Wednesday to prep my meals for the coming days. This way, I leave myself no option to eat the wrong foods. 2. AM I TRAINING HARD ENOUGH? This is a question I ask myself all the time. I am very aware of "going through the motions" and view every workout as an opportunity to better myself. I always challenge myself to maximise my workouts and hate the feeling of knowing I left the gym without giving my all. There is a difference between training hard, and training smart - and there is a place for both. I am not in the gym for hours and hours. Instead, I focus on my training quality and intensity. Showing up to the gym is not enough! I constantly remind myself to push my limits with every single set.  3. TRAINING TO MY GOAL In order to achieve a very specific goal, you need to consistently follow a specific approach. Training during this prep has been very focused on me changing my shape and working on specific areas to achieve the shape I've been working on. For me, this means changing my usual training and resisting the temptation to do the workouts I prefer more. I have to keep my eyes on the prize and stay focused on my goal!  This is important for you too! Have you identified your goal? Is your current training aligned with this? 4. BALANCE I am very aware of maintaining a healthy relationship with my fitness journey. Competing can be a very selfish sport! Although I have to make a lot of sacrifices and focus a lot of energy on myself, I am very conscious that I made the decision to do this and that it's my responsibility. There is no point in feeling sorry for myself! I always remind myself to make time for my loved ones and in my case, my business.  While competing is a huge part of who I am, it's not the only important thing in my life. I love my family and my business with all my heart and I'm always aware of giving the right amounts of myself to everything. While this is hard, I'm grateful to be able to enjoy all the things I love ❤️ 5. MINDSET AND DISCIPLINE Every morning and night, I manifest and visualise what I want to achieve. I truly believe that the universe gives back what you put out, and each day I focus on being the best I can be and working towards what I put my mind to. Through competing, I have been able to challenge myself to see what I'm truly capable of. I love the thrill of testing my limits and pushing myself. While my prep may appear to be all about my body, my mindset is equally important. I have trained my mind to be strong and confident. Through my experiences and overcoming hardships, I have earned a sense of self-belief and I know that if I set my mind to something, I won't stop until I achieve it.  I've accepted that if something is worth having, you're going to have to work for it. You're either in it or you're not, and I decided a long time ago that I'm definitely in it. There is no point feeling sorry for yourself. The moment I committed, I knew I was 100% in it and never looked back.  When times get hard and I feel like complaining, I remind myself this. It's not easy, but it isn't meant to be! And let me tell you, the hard times and sacrifice is always worth it! I find that there is a positive in every negative. Every hardship I experience has a learning and I'm a better person for going through it. With only a few days now until I compete, I'm so excited to share the results of my hard work and bring my best package to date! Throughout this prep, I have been working behind-the-scenes and creating a brand new 8-week program that shares the exact methods I've been using. I have LOVED what this prep has done for my body and want to share it with you ❤️ It will be available in my BBR App, and includes 8 weeks of my favourite workouts to create a bikini body, macros and a meal guide and even more new features to make this the ultimate experience. I'm taking a smaller number of clients for this Challenge than last time, so if you're interested, register your interest and get first access when I release it so you don't miss it. You will love this!! To pre-register your interest now, and be first to know when the new program drops, CLICK HERE. Thanks so much for the support babes. I love each and every one of you! Rach xx