Here's How I've Created My Bikini Body!



The photo above was taken in 2015, after around 2 years of weight training. I had grown up playing sports and being fairly active, with a petite build. When I first started exercising, I was your typical cardio bunny. Spin classes were my fave! I was gradually introduced to weight training and quickly fell in love with it. I loved the feeling of becoming fitter and stronger! I never tracked a macro or followed a nutrition plan - my focus was just on eating clean foods. 


I loved my training so much that I decided to compete in my first WBFF Competition. I was so nervous! It was a big step for me, but I have always loved a challenge. This was the first time I began tracking my nutrition and following a Meal Guide. The photo is also from 2015! My goals at this stage were to grow my glutes, build my legs, shape my upper body and tighten my work. I had a lot of work ahead of me!



I continued competing in 2016 and 2017 and was fortunate enough to earn 2 Bikini World Titles! Post my 2017 comp, I experienced what I would describe as an 'unintentional bulk'. I had put a lot of work into my comp and had dieted pretty hard. Rather than reverse dieting, I found myself over-indulging to compensate for feeling so restricted. This is what led me to change the way I was eating! At this time, my maintenance calories were quite low and weight gain was happening easier than usual. In the pics above, I weighed approx 62kgs (I did get up to 64kgs!) and sat here for approximately 8 months. Although I was gaining weight, I was also training REALLY hard! I had amazing levels of energy and strength and I really benefited from this. I built a lot of quality muscle and established a great foundation.


I know it's a cliche, but sometimes we really do need to look back to see how far we've come. I've grown so much physically and mentally since my first show and more importantly, my approach and relationship with fitness has improved each year. I have transitioned from really restricting myself to following a sustainable and enjoyable approach, which I am so proud to share with you all. I was able to create my best physique yet this year and did it while eating foods that I enjoy at quite high calories.


My goal has always been to create my ideal bikini body. For me, this is a toned, feminine shape with a small waist, big glutes, and an hourglass figure! Weight training has been integral in allowing me to achieve this. Building my glutes, booty and upper body has ultimately shaped the physique I was looking for. 

My nutrition has also changed immensely over the course of my journey. We CAN achieve our goals by enjoying a balanced diet and without restricting ourselves! I've included some amazing nutrition features in my BBR App to make it easier than ever to follow your plan. We have 300+ delicious recipes to choose from, as well as Food Swap features to encourage variety to your eating. It's so important to align your training and eating with your goals!

I hope you enjoyed this blog gorgeous. I'm so grateful to be able to share my journey with you!❤️