Rachel’s ultimate accountability hacks

What’s the main driving factor in a successful fitness journey?

If you think it’s motivation, you NEED to read this! 🙊

I get asked multiple times a day how I stay motivated all the time. The answer is...I don’t! 

Motivation, like any emotion, comes and goes - just like feeling happy or sad. And I’m definitely not the one to rely on a fleeting feeling to determine my success! Instead, I rely on consistent action, awareness, and most of all - accountability! 


Ready to take control of your journey? Here are my top tips for staying accountable!

#1 Know your why 💭

What are the reasons why you embarked on this journey? Remembering your “why” will push you through the most challenging times! 

As an incredibly process-driven person, I love the journey so much more than the outcome. Yet, it’s equally important to be aware of the destination! After all, if you can’t pinpoint why something is important to you, why would you follow through with it?

💡Tip: Struggling to articulate your “why”? Firstly, think about all the benefits of achieving your goals. Then, you can think about what happens (or doesn’t happen) if you don’t follow through.

#2 Quit the blame game ❌

We all make mistakes, and I want you to know that mistakes are totally OK. What’s not the best idea though is playing the blame game instead of learning from them. 

Example: let’s imagine you skipped the gym for an entire week! 

😖 Blame game: “I’ve been too busy, and everyone keeps bombarding me with tasks so there’s no time to go. I’ll go when there’s a bit less on my plate”.

Likely outcome? You probably won’t make it to the gym consistently the next week after, and any habits you may have started developing may diminish over time, jeopardising your long-term progress.

💪 Holding yourself accountable: “I haven’t prioritised getting my workouts in last week - not ideal! Looks like with my current workload I’m not likely to make it to the gym anytime soon. I should get some basic equipment and exercise at home - much easier to squeeze that in right now!”

Staying accountable doesn’t mean being hard on yourself or belittling your achievements! It simply means taking ownership of your actions and staying in control. 

✨ “You may allow or you may resist your dreams—but everything that happens to you is all your doing.”



#3 Put a timeline on your goals ⏰

When setting your goals, it’s really important to ensure these are time-bound! 

This way you’re forced to assess your performance regularly and stay accountable.

The important condition here is to pick something exciting that is weeks or months away, and may even currently seem completely out of reach! 



If you’re currently participating in a BBR Program, you have already committed to give the next few weeks your all! 👏

Other ideas could be picking an event that can serve as your deadline (e.g. a vacation a few months away), or simply making your time-bound commitment known to your loved ones.

#4 Share your journey with like-minded people 👭

Working towards your goal alongside a supportive tribe of like-minded people is a major performance boost!

Sharing your ups and downs with others helps keep each other accountable and inspires to push beyond your comfort zone. Become aware of the people you feel best around - and make them a part of your incredible experience!

Our BBR Facebook community is a safe, welcoming space with thousands of beautiful, encouraging queens! If you are yet to participate in the Forum, I invite you to join today and experience what it’s like to be cheered on, nurtured and supported no matter what. ❤️

Always remember: you have so much more control than you know! Time to work hard, show yourself love and compassion, stay accountable and chase those goals 🔥

Much love,

Rach xx