Treat Yourself To Health

You will often hear me talk about finding your balance; not beating yourself up for eating an entire pizza once in a blue moon, or to stop obsessing over macros. To achieve long-term success, you must find your “sweet spot”, as we like to call it.

However, no one ever said it’s going to be easy – especially at the start of your journey!

Take nutrition. There is so much information to take in: macros, micros, nutrient timing…so many RULES! Aren’t they just the worst?

Well, not really.

Hear me out: rules aren’t always a bad thing. Sure, there are boring “don’t do this, don’t go there” rules. But there are also rules that you’re likely to encounter in, say, a spa salon: “take your shoes off, place your feet in a bath and get ready for your treatment”. Unlike the first example, you know that something nice and pleasant will follow, so they become ‘good’ rules which you gladly adhere to!

For a new BBR girl, it may seem like the rules we offer are depriving yourself of some sort of inherent joy. Like, what do your BBR mentors mean by saying it’s not OK to eat cake all day every day?

Believe it or not, what we’re setting for you are actually good rules. The ones that will help you get healthier, happier and stronger. The ones that will be your guide to a fabulous, sustainable lifestyle. The ones that can help you achieve your personal goals, should you make them a part of your routine. We want you to succeed and be the best you can be!

If you’re still finding it difficult to wholeheartedly embrace the lifestyle, especially when it comes to revamping your nutrition habits, a big part of it is probably a sense of deprivation.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you generally think of foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’?
  • Do you often ‘reward’ yourself with food for achievements?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you need to ‘deserve’ certain foods before you can eat them?
  • Do you feel guilty when consuming certain foods?

If any of these statements ring a bell, you might be feeling deprived within your nutrition plan. This isn’t a very helpful mindset to be in long-term, and for a very simple reason: deprivation doesn’t work. For the end result, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re actually deprived (which you aren’t if you’re with us, since BBR is all about balance!), or you’re just feeling like you are.

Today, I’d like to offer you a mindset trick: instead of getting caught in the deprivation mindset, I want you to allow yourself to fuel your body with nutritious foods.

Allow yourself an extra couple of hours every week to find nutritious recipes and prepare them.

Allow yourself to listen to your body and find what combinations of nutritious foods work best.

Allow yourself to stick to the nutrition plan that aligns with your goals, as much as you can, and get the amazing results you’re after.

Allow yourself an extra few minutes at the grocery store to pick out the best option instead of the most conveniently located one.

Allow yourself to make the most nutritious choices from the ones available in any situation to feel and look your best.

It doesn’t sound so dreadful if you look at it this way, does it?

Just like you wouldn’t do shoulder presses to build a booty, it’s probably not the best choice to run on chocolate and caffeine to achieve the best health. Remember: there are NO ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods, but there are most certainly ones that should be consumed more often than others!

So, I challenge you to treat yourself to health, starting right this second – and reap the maximum benefits from your new lifestyle.