How My Clients Achieve Such Amazing Results!

Welcome back babes! Hope you're having an amazing day.  For those who don't know, my last BBR 6 Week Challenge has just come to an end and I have been overwhelmed with countless INCREDIBLE TRANSFORMATION PHOTOS! I am so damn proud of what these ladies have achieved. Not only have these girls made unbelievable physical changes, but they have also unlocked a new sense of confidence and self belief. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering a goal! As I started to share some of these progress pics on my social media, I received more and more inquiries from ladies asking, "How did they do this?" While there is no 'overnight solution' or 'magic answer' that will allow you to wake up with your dream body, there is something you can do that will enable you to reach your goals; believe that you can! The one thing that these ladies have in common is that they all made the decision to take control of their health and fitness. One small decision to commit to positive change was the catalyst to the complete transformation that followed. They did it, and so can you! Today I'm going to explain how these girls were able to make these achievements, and share a little about what makes BBR so special. Before I begin, take a moment to check out Jade. All I have to say is, WAIST TO BOOTY RATIO! Jade just completed my 6 Week Bikini Body Challenge. She has completely changed her shape by sculpting her legs, tightening her stomach, shrinking her waist and toning her glutes. Congrats on your hourglass shape girl! At the start of each Challenge, ladies from all walks of life come together with one common goal - to make positive change. We have beautiful women of different shapes and sizes, from different countries, at different stages of their journey's, who are all united by their quest to better themselves. While they might not know it at the time, they are all capable of such achieving so much.  Our mission at BBR is to equip our clients with the tools they need to succeed on their health and fitness journey's and to create an environment for them to use these tools. We have such an amazing support group of BBR babes from all around the world to help to keep each other accountable and motivate one another on a daily basis! There are 5 main components that I believe allow myself and my clients to make the changes that we do; nutrition, training, consistency, community and lifestyle. I will explain each of these below. If you are able get these right, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals. Check out Simone's progress below! 1. NUTRITION First on my list - NUTRITION! There is no denying the relationship between what we eat and how we look (and also feel!). Making some simple changes to your eating habits can have an immediate positive effect, however if you're looking to change your body composition, I would recommend a more specific approach. Building an understanding of macronutrients and creating a meal plan of foods that align with your body type and goal is highly beneficial. As Simone mentioned above, her ability to track her daily intake allowed her to breakthrough her plateau and create some amazing changes! If you'd like a BBR meal guide, click here and check out my latest program.  2. TRAINING My favourite part about health and fitness - TRAINING! Over time I've learned to absolutely fall in love with my training and build workouts that I look forward to completing. Years of trial and error allowed me to find out what works best for female bodies in creating a toned but feminine shape. Take a look at Maddi below! When it comes to training, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you! I love to push my girls to their limits in a healthy environment. I really recommend having a training regime that is specific to your goal. If you stay up-to-date with my Instagram, you'll know that I love to experiment with new exercises to keep my training simple, fun and effective. My new '21 Day Train Like Me' Challenge shares a combination of my favourite workouts from all 3 of my previous Challenges! 3. CONSISTENCY Before you master any skill, you need CONSISTENCY! This is a lesson that I've learned time and time again, and health and fitness is no different. In order to make significant changes to our bodies, we need to consistently fuel them with the right foods, train appropriately and also recover effectively. If you're able to repeat the correct actions on a frequent basis, you will be surprised by how quickly your body begins to change! The best part about this is that the sooner you feel the benefits, the easier it becomes to be consistent. 4. COMMUNITY Consistently adhering to the right training and nutrition advice will begin your fitness journey, but having the right COMMUNITY to inspire, motivate and challenge you will keep you on it. I'm so proud of the BBR community and how these babes have come together to create such a special space. If you're looking for a no judgement zone of empowering women all striving to better themselves each day, then BBR is for you! 5. LIFESTYLE If you're able to stick to points 1-4, then you have already built your new LIFESTYLE! I believe that everything on your health and fitness journey should be sustainable in the long-run. Seeing the amazing progress these ladies have achieved in just 6 weeks is truly incredible, but what is more incredible is that in the same amount of time, they have adopted a completely new lifestyle that will stick with them for life. To truly succeed, you need to embrace this lifestyle long-term and fall in love with the process.  If you're ready to make these changes and take control of your own journey, I would love to have you on board. My latest program is a 21 Day Challenge, and due to the overwhelming response, today is the final day to register. This Challenge is $49.95AUD, and includes 3 weeks of my favourite workouts, a BBR Meal Guide, and access to my BBR Facebook Forum and support. Click here if you'd like to join us! I hope you find this information useful babe! Much love,  Rach xx