TLM Challenge FAQ!

It's almost time ladies! Our brand new Train Like Me (TLM) Challenge is coming back and it's launching in our new-and-improved BBR App! 🎉🎉🎉

Words cannot describe just how excited we are for this! Our entire BBR Team have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to bring you the ultimate BBR experience, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Understandably, we have been getting LOTS of questions about the upcoming TLM Challenge, new App features, and what it all means for the BBR Community! This blog addresses some of the most frequently asked questions, shares key milestones and dates, and equips you with as much information as possible about the upcoming adventure.

Let’s get started! 🔥

TLM Key Dates

So, WHEN does the Challenge begin? 👀

Please see the very important TLM Key Dates below:

  • Pre-registration for TLM/New App: August 11th 
  • App sales launch: August 18th
  • First App access: September 1st
  • TLM start date: September 14

You also often ask us for exact Check In dates - and for TLM, they are set as follows: 23rd-27th Sept (Week 2) / 7th-11th Oct (Week 4) / 21st-25th Oct (Week 6).

The following Programs will also launch at the same time as TLM and will be available on an ongoing basis on our brand new BBR App:

  • 🔥 4 Week Shred, Tighten and Tone
  • 🍑2-in-1 Booty & Core Program
  • Plus, TLM will be here to stay via weekly intakes after our Challenge launches!

We love what we've created with our new 'Train Like Me' Programs so much, that they will continue running each Monday after our Challenge begins on September 14. This allows you to progress through the Rounds, similar to how Rachel's 8 Week Program has worked in the past. TLM is truly a game-changer, and it's here to stay!

App Access Update

In the new BBR App, YOU will be in control of how long you have access to your Challenge! We have introduced 3 different options, at different price points:

  • 3 months access
  • 6 months access
  • 12 months access

We recommend picking a longer access period if you’re definitely set on repeating your Challenge a few times, as the longer the validity period, the more you save! All App features will be available through the selected validity period, including any updates rolled out through that time (we plan on introducing A LOT!).

TLM Challenge Overview

Now to the exciting part - let’s talk all things TLM! 

It’s our most popular Challenge to date - and for many reasons! Created to share Rachel’s favourite styles of training, this Challenge includes a variety of workouts that all focus on helping you sculpt and shape a bikini body. If you’re looking to sculpt lean legs, grow your booty, tighten your core and work on your waist-to-booty ratio, this is the BBR Challenge for you! 

Paired with the launch of our brand new BBR App, this Challenge will equip you with all the tools you need to achieve life-changing results!

And if that’s not enough motivation to give it a go, how about the biggest cash prize in the BBR history? 💸


Our TLM Challenge winner will receive $15,000AUD Cash + $5,000AUD donation to a charity of their choice - now that’s something to look forward to! 🤩

TLM Training Structure

For the first time, we are introducing 4 different options for our TLM Challenge! No matter your fitness level and experience, there’s a Round for you!

And of course, each round has its own unique split - see a detailed breakdown below.

Recommended equipment

As always, you will get access to BOTH Home and Gym options, which you can mix and match to suit your lifestyle! 

Here’s the recommended equipment for each version of the TLM Challenge:


  • Set of Dumbbells
  • Bench
  • Yoga Mat
  • Exercise Ball
  • Resistance Bands
  • Booty Bands
  • Set of Ankle Weights
  • Skipping Rope


  • Your local gym should have access to everything you need!
  • I highly recommend obtaining some Booty Bands if you don’t have them already, as it’s unusual for gyms to provide them 🍑

Need to stock up on some equipment and accessories? We got chu - I will be sending through an exclusive discount on all these items

Nutrition Features Sneak Peek

As nutrition is an extremely important component of your health and fitness journey, it has been a massive focus when creating the new BBR App!

We will be sharing much more information about the app in the coming weeks, but couldn’t leave you without a little sneak peek. 👀

Get excited for:

  • Access to multiple Meal Guides! This has been such a highly requested feature - and in the new App, you will be able to access a variety of Meal Guides tailored to your requirements at any time by simply pushing a button.
  • High level of customisation! You will be able to easily switch the order of your meals, remove ones you don’t like, add new options, and easily track food items and recipes from our food database. Don’t worry, if you make too many changes, you can easily reset to your recommended Meal Guide!
  • Adding your own foods and recipes! If your favourite items are missing from the Food Database, or you have a favourite staple recipe, you’ll be able to integrate them into the App and easily track in the future!
  • A brand-new Recipe Library with 500+ delicious recipes to choose from! Our BBR Dietitians have been hard at work to provide you with these incredible options - there’s something for everyone, and the Library will keep growing!
  • Redesigned Shopping List! Our dynamic Shopping List will display everything you need from your Meal Guide, while also allowing you to add other items to your list. You can easily tick these off as you shop. ✅

And of course, we have kept and improved everything you know and love - such as dynamically updating macros, your Nutrition Dashboard and Food Swaps.

TLM Challenge Q&A

Still have questions about my TLM Challenge? Chances are you will find an answer below! 💕



A: While the goals of these Programs are similar, TLM includes access to countless new App features and also has various options to suit your fitness level and experience. We really focus on creating an hourglass shape in the TLM!



A: Same focus, just BETTER! This is a completely revamped experience with updated workouts! The primary focus of TLM is to help you sculpt lean legs, grow your glutes, tighten your core, shape your upper body and create an hourglass shape. Not only have we added the brand new features of our BBR App, but we have taken TLM to a new level by working directly with who we believe to be one of the most educated coaches in the global fitness industry. There truly has never been a BBR experience like this. 



A: Yes, we have updated ALL workouts for this launch!



A: We recommend choosing the round that best fits your experience. However if you do need to make a change, we are always here to help! If you need any guidance upon accessing your Challenge, simply contact us.



We hope you are as excited about the TLM Challenge launch as we are, as it’s just around the corner!

Keep an eye on our social media and the BBR Forum for more updates, as there will be plenty in the coming weeks...and of course, get ready to train like me! 🔥

Much love,

Rach xx