What Can You Achieve In 6 Weeks?

Welcome gorgeous, If you're looking to make a transformation and create your dream body, chances are that you have already set some expectations about what you can achieve. Do you have a goal body in mind? Want to have a new shape for a certain event? Do you think it's impossible to make the changes you desire? Setting realistic goals and expectations are so important on your fitness journey. Failing to meet your expectations can be disheartening and ruin your confidence, leading you to fall into bad habits and give up on your goals. A goal of losing 10kgs is perfectly achievable - but an expectation of reaching this goal in 2 weeks is not. Too often I see ladies let unrealistic expectations hold them back from making progress. The right expectations allow you to stay motivated as you make progress week-by-week. Big goals are much more achievable when you break them down into smaller pieces! So, what are the 'right' expectations? Can you really achieve your dream body? How long will it take? With the right approach to training and nutrition, our bodies are able to achieve some pretty amazing things! Take a look at Maddison's incredible progress in just 6 weeks!

"I have lost 8 kgs, 14cm off my waist, 12cm off my hips, 7cm off my chest, and 4cm off each of both my arms and legs. You guys are amazing at what you do and I just can not begin thank you all enough for what you have done for me, you have changed so many aspects of my life and lifestyle for the better more than you know and I'm so incredibly happy and grateful. I can't believe how much my body has changed in only 6 weeks. I will be doing another BBR challenge soon and I cannot wait to to continue on my journey" - Maddison

Having the right mindset and expectations will play a huge role in succeeding on your fitness journey. While we all want to make the most significant changes in the shortest amount of time, to truly succeed we must accept being healthy as a lifestyle! I always recommend sustainable approaches that we can follow long-term. I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is something we should enjoy! This has worked for myself and my clients, and can work for you too. So, what can you achieve in 6 weeks?
  • A healthy relationship with food

We should view food as fuel, not as a reward! In just 6 weeks, you are able to completely recreate your relationship with food and learn to love your new eating habits. What we eat not only changes how we look, but how we feel. In my 6 Week Challenge, I recommend an easy-to-follow meal guide to help you discover new foods through a sustainable eating approach. 
  • A new outlook towards training

Working out should be something to look forward to! Consistently completing the right workouts not only moves you closer to your goals, but allows you to build confidence. Following structured workouts ensures that you are maximising your time in the gym and training smarter. I know as ladies we can find working out daunting, but the more you train, the easier it becomes. In 6 weeks, we are able to adopt new training habits and build some great foundations. 
  • A positive mindset and sense of confidence

The most important and rewarding change you can make is changing your mentality! Through challenging ourselves and overcoming obstacles, we are able to build a mental resilience and unlock a new belief in ourselves. There is something special about pushing our boundaries and testing our capabilities! Each time we succeed, we find out something new about ourselves and the expectation we place on ourselves increases. In this way, we are always striving for progress and becoming the best version of ourselves. Check out Jacinta's amazing results below! Once you are able to consistently follow your new training and nutrition habits, it's only a matter of time until you make the physical progress you desire. Don't be disheartened by unrealistic expectations. Instead, be motivated by the positive changes you can make each week!  If you're looking for guidance and support on your fitness journey, take a look at my brand new 6 Week Challenge. Available for the first time on my BBR App, you can build your own Challenge based on your preferences. Simply choose your training goal, nutrition approach and home or gym workouts, and I will provide you with 6 weeks of my recommendations. I'm taking a limited number of clients for this Challenge and spaces are filling quickly! Are you ready to see what you can achieve in 6 weeks? Let's do this! Love Rach xx