Hi gorgeous, 

Places for my final 6 Week Challenge of 2019 are officially open! We've added some new and exciting features for this Challenge, and I've created this blog to help you decide which team is your best fit. 

Not sure if you're Team Bikini, Team Booty or Team Shred? Read on!

Step 1 - Choose Your Team

We have three different teams to choose from, which will dictate the training you receive as part of your Challenge. The table below gives an overview of the differences between each Team!

I've completely revamped Booty 1.0 for this Challenge, as well as including a brand new Booty 2.0 Program! This is based on my training in 2019. I'll be completing Booty 2.0 with you for this Challenge - these workouts are seriously tough!

If you're still unsure with what Team is your best fit, you can chat with us via Live Chat on our website, or email us at info@bodiesbyrachel.com.au

Step 2 - Choose Your Round

After selecting your Team, you will need to select your round! I've created each round as a pathway to allow you to continue your Challenge. Each round varies with different exercises, rounds, repetition and intensity. 

If this is your first BBR 6 Week Challenge, I would recommend starting with Round 1! Round 1 doesn't necessarily mean easier - all rounds are still very challenging! My best description of the rounds are below:

Round 1 - Suited to beginner/intermediate level trainers who are new to BBR.

Round 2 - Suited to intermediate/advanced level trainers who have already completed Round 1.

Round 3 - Suited to advanced trainers who are looking for a real challenge! We recommend completing Round 2 before beginning Round 3. 

Below I have listed examples of the splits from each Round. As you will see, they only vary slightly! Training splits also change slightly as the weeks progress. If there is a split that you prefer, you do have the option to begin with Round 2 or Round 3.

Step 3 - Choose Your Nutrition Option

Finally, you have the option to select your preferred nutrition option. We've also built a brand new BBR Food Journal into the App for this Challenge. This allows you the flexibility to track the foods you consume and see how they compare to your daily recommended macros and calories. This feature is a serious game-changer!

You have two opens for your nutrition:

Macros + Meal Guide - $124.99AUD
Macros Only - $114.99AUD
Macros + Meal Guide is my most popular option, perfect for anyone relatively new to macros and tracking. If you are experienced with your nutrition, you may prefer Macros Only, enabling you the freedom to control your food choices.
When submitting your Questionnaire before starting your Challenge, you also have the option to select your overall goal;
This will determine your overall calories and enable me to recommend the most effective nutritional approach for your goal. 
I hope this breakdown helps! I think it's so important to follow a structure that fits your lifestyle and is aligned with your goals!