Hi gorgeous, 

With the next intake of my 6 Week Challenge now open, I thought it would be useful to share some more info to help you decide on the best option for you and your goals!

I've created this Challenge in a way that allows you to select your own options. You have the ability to select your Team, Round and also your preferred Nutrition option. Although there are a lot of similarities between these options, there are also a lot of differences! I have outlined these below for you:

Step 1 - Choose Your Team

The first step is to choose between Team Bikini, Booty, or Shred. This step allows you to define your goal, with the training for each Team structured to help you achieve this goal! 

Step 2 - Choose Your Round

After selecting your Team, you will need to select your round! I've created each round as a pathway to allow you to continue your Challenge. Each round varies with different exercises, rounds, repetition and intensity. 

If this is your first BBR 6 Week Challenge, I would recommend starting with Round 1! Round 1 doesn't necessarily mean easier - all rounds are still very challenging! 

Below I have listed examples of the splits from each Round. As you will see, they only vary slightly! Training splits also change slightly as the weeks progress. If there is a split that you prefer, you do have the option to begin with Round 2 or Round 3 if you prefer. 

Step 3 - Choose Your Nutrition Option

Finally, you have the option to select your preferred nutrition option. You have two opens for this step;

Macros + Meal Guide - $124.99
Macros Only - $114.99
Macros + Meal Guide is my most popular option, perfect for anyone relatively new to macros and tracking. If you are experienced with your nutrition, you may prefer Macros Only, enabling you the freedom to control your food choices.
When submitting your Questionnaire before starting your Challenge, you also have the option to select your overall goal;
This will determine your overall calories and enable me to recommend the most effective nutritional approach for your goal. 
I hope this breakdown helps! I think it's so important to follow a structure that fits your lifestyle and is aligned with your goals! For more information about this Challenge, you can check out my FAQS by clicking here
The intake for the next round of my 6 Week Challenge is now open and places are filling fast, so if you're interested, select your options now so we can get started!