The most incredible BBR transformations of 2020!

WOW, what a year 2020 was.

It’s been so incredible to see our community come together more than ever, and support one another through all of the obstacles thrown our way. We couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of you for sticking to your health and fitness rituals, and never giving up on your goals despite all the hardships.

Who would’ve thought that some of our best transformations to date would come out of a global pandemic with gym closures around the world!

We have seen SO many mind blowing results over these past 12 months, so we wanted to reflect on the year that’s been and spotlight some of our BBR queens!

With the New Year Challenge just around the corner, let’s take a trip down memory lane 😍


We kicked off 2020 with a 💥, and the very first launch of our Bikini Build Challenge! Bikini Build turned out to be our most popular Challenge of the year, and our girls' results clearly spoke for themselves... just check out our incredible Bikini Build winner ALI!

After making amazing changes with Bikini Build, Ali has since gone onto complete multiple Programs this year, including Team Booty RD 2, our 2-in-1 Booty & Core Program and recently TLM 2.0. She shares her journey with BBR below! ⬇️

"Even as your lifestyle changes, you can still make BBR work for you.

Like many people, COVID-19 changed things about my daily routines and gym habits. For me, it meant 100% home workouts for several months, without access to heavy weights or gym equipment! I was apprehensive about completing a Challenge at home because I felt that my body was used to the intensity of gym workouts, I was not sure what kind of results I could expect when transitioning to working out from home, and really missed lifting heavy. But girls let me tell you, I was blown away at the effectiveness of the BBR home workouts! While at home, I completed Booty & Core with dumbbells, resistance bands, an exercise mat, and ankle weights. That’s it! This Challenge really taught me that home workouts can be fun, challenging, and a great addition to my workout routine.

BBR Programs have changed my life for the better, which has helped me be a better person — a more energetic team member, a more happy + positive nurse, a smiling face around the hospital that can help bring light to those who may be facing some of the worst days of their lives. The non-physique changes I have made are equally as valuable as the physical. My relationship with food has done a complete 180, my energy levels have improved drastically, AND I’ve learned so much about non-scale victories, and even making new friends in both the BBR & gym communities 🥰

I am a whole new woman! My strength, muscle mass, & body composition have undergone big changes & I am SO thrilled with my results 🌟! It takes work, dedication, & will-power, but BBR gives you the tools to succeed!!! At the end of the day, you have to get out there and DO it, and BBR helps make that possible by eliminating all the guesswork & planning. ❤️

I literally can’t say enough good things about BBR. Sorry Rach, you’re stuck with me for life 😉"


Our 6 Week Bikini, Booty, Shred and Bikini Build Challenges in April completely blew us away with another influx of so many amazing transformations! To our surprise, many of these incredible results were achieved from home while gyms were closed around the world.

Our Challenge winner KYRA, completed Team Booty (Round 2) entirely from home, proving once and for all that you CAN build muscle and transform your body without the gym equipment and heavy weights!

Here’s what our bootylicious queen had to say about her experience 🍑

“One thing that separates BBR from everything else is authenticity. The transformations are real and it feels like anyone can accomplish it, with the right guidance. I feel like BBR offers sincere, quality guidance and that's why I signed up.

BBR is more than just a program. The challenges are very well planned. The app offers detailed guidance on nutrition and training, through a very user-friendly app. What I love most about BBR are the workouts, from the type of exercises to the way the workouts are split. They don't take up a lot of time, so everyone living a busy lifestyle can sign up.

The meal plan is also amazing! I have learned a lot about how to make healthy, balanced meals that keep you satisfied during the day. BBR teaches the importance of nutrition and that you don't have to starve yourself. The Food Swap tool is a game-changer, because it taught me the most about nutrition and how foods can be swapped to maintain variety.

My biggest win is the fact that I've gained a lot of confidence, new determination and a whole lot of motivation. I didn't know that I could be so determined. I impressed myself with the result and it motivates me to become even better!”


Our next BBR superstar KAREN started her journey with BBR this year, with our 6 Week Bikini Challenge. Karen completed a mix of both home and gym workouts, and truly sculpted her figure!

Karen then went on to complete our 2-in-1 Booty & Core Program and Bikini Build Challenge, and is now a BBR Ambassador!

Karen’s energy and vibe is so infectious, and we are so grateful to have her part of our BBR community, not to mention her incredible progress too! She is an inspiration to us all, and we are so proud of her 🤩


Introducing another inspiring queen… our June Challenge winner, Falon!

Falon completed Round 1 of our 6 Week Team Shred Challenge FROM HOME, alongside her sister Nyssa. Through her hard work and dedication, Falon achieved a total weight loss of 8.15kg and was down 49cm in measurements, in just 6 weeks!

We are so beyond proud of Falon’s journey ❤️⁣

“I've always yo-yo'd with my weight, and since I can remember have had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I would eat under 1200 cals, then in no time would have a major blow out and fall off the wagon every time. I stuck to this one 100% this time - and I am super proud of my progress! 

And why I feel like I've finally finished and succeeded at a Challenge this time round, is from finally understanding macros and having the ability to eat enjoyable foods without the guilt. I keep a positive mindset, and set short term goals to keep me on track and motivated.

I got my sister on board with her first Challenge and we motivate each other every day. I love the Programs so much, and not to mention all the amazing women who empower each other everyday. It is seriously life changing. I can't wait to keep going and be in the best shape of my life, no matter what age or weight I'm starting at."⁣⁣


And last but certainly not least, our remarkable TLM winner TAMSIN!

Our 8 Week Train Like Me Challenge was Tamsin’s first ever BBR Program, completed entirely from home during Melbourne’s lockdown. Tamsin well and truly smashed her fat loss goals, and lost 12.5 kg and 82 cm in total! 🔥

“I am stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been. And so much happier!

While in lockdown I was in a real rut with no routine and really struggling to even get out of my pyjamas and dark bedroom. But I didn’t want to accept all of the changes that come with having a mum bod - I’ve accepted my stretch marks and stretched belly skin but the extra weight I felt I could change.

This BBR Challenge gave me the motivation to get up and get moving and lose the weight while nourishing my body with good healthy foods.

My calorie compliance was 99% and I didn’t miss a workout. I made a vision board in my kitchen so I would see it everyday to remind me of my goals, and used the daily goal setting and reflection in the App to help me stay consistent and disciplined throughout. I also involved my kids in the workouts whether it was using them as weights or getting them to follow along so I could finish each session. I hadn’t heard of flexible dieting previously, but I found it makes it so much easier to stick to your macros and actually enjoy your meals, while in a calorie deficit. I loved the workouts as I felt I was really pushing myself while following along. I also improved my technique with many exercises by watching Emma Dillon's tutorials in the App🙏🏼"

I was really surprised with how quickly the Challenge went, which really shows me that I can create a new healthier lifestyle, and enjoy! Thanks so much to BBR Team and the whole BBR Community!"

Feeling inspired and ready to make 2021 your best year yet? Look no further than our New Year Challenge! 

We are bringing back our most popular Team Bikini, Shred and Booty Challenges, and by popular demand Bikini Build 1.0, and (drumroll please)... 2.0 for the first time ever! 🎉

We’ve got options for everyone, whether you’re training at home or in the gym, and have 3 different rounds to suit all fitness levels!

Too many great options to choose from? Take our 2-minute quiz to help decide the best Challenge Team for you!

Our Challenge will kick off on January 25th, so you’ve got plenty of time to ease into the new year and get ready to kick some serious goals. Need another reason to join? We’ve got $15,000 in cash prizes also up for grabs! 👀

Places are strictly limited, and once capacity is reached, the Challenge will be closed. This will be a Challenge experience like never before. You don’t want to miss out on this!


2021 is YOURS to make the very most of, so make the decision to make it your best year yet 🔥

Wishing our queens a safe and happy New Year from the whole Team at BBR ❤️