BBR APP COMING SOON – Launching May 14th

Health and fitness changed my life.

My dream has always been to help as many women worldwide change theirs too.

Over the past 12 months, BBR has grown and helped thousands of women do exactly that.

I am constantly striving to improve BBR’s products and services, and give you the best possible experience to help reach your goals.

Thanks to the support of the BBR community, I have now had the opportunity to create my dream App.

This isn’t just any old App.

I haven’t partnered with a big corporation or big business to do this.

I have poured my heart and soul into designing this App from the ground up.

The girls and I have spent countless nights, weekends, and early mornings turning our vision into a reality.

It incorporates everything I have learned from training not only myself, but thousands of women around the world.

My App provides the full BBR experience, with everything I know – and if you thought my programs were good, wait until you see this.

Pre-register your interest below, to be notified on exciting developments as we get closer to launch on May 14th.












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