Nothing says “femininity” like a gorgeous hourglass glass figure, or as I like to say the perfect “waist to booty” ratio! When picturing my ideal shape, I think of a small waist, curvy hips, nice tight and toned thighs and of course, a big, perky booty.


If we aren’t born with an hourglass shape, the good news is that there are things that we can do to help us “create” those beautifully feminine curves that we all seek.  Some people argue that your genetics determine the shape of your body, for example, whether you are naturally curvaceous or more straight “up- and- down”, however, my clients and I have seen first-hand that the right training regime, nutrition plan and dedication will always prevail over genetics.

Now, I understand that you cannot change your current bone structure (naturally set wide hips, for example), however, you can do targeted exercises that will sculpt and amplify particular elements of your body to give it a seemingly new shape.

In order to create the illusion of, or construct an hourglass silhouette three specific areas of the body need to be targeted, and they are:


This will give them a beautifully strong structure and shape, also creating some width across the top of our body, which, in turn will cause a tapering down to our waists (think of an upside-down triangle).

  1. Secondly, we focus on the WAIST and CORE.

Once we have created some width in our shoulders, we need to ensure our waist and core is nice and tight so that it appears small.

In order for this to happen, we need to strengthen our cores with lower back, oblique and abdominal exercises. We also need to focus on burning the fat around the midsection, this will be done with both Fasted Cardio and HIIT Training.

  1. Last, but not least, we focus on the BOOTY

Now that we have our upper bodies covered, in order to not look like an inverted triangle, we need to create some curves. By targeting the glutes and working the thighs you we are able to create curves in all the right places.  


So now that you know what to train, the question is how do we train them?


In my newest online program, my 6 Week Bikini Body Challenge I have implemented only the best training techniques to ensure that you are getting the most out of your training sessions and your goal of goddess like curves is achieved.

We incorporate:

Strength Training – Resistance or weight training is essential for females to help us create a strong foundation, which allows efficient weight loss and lean muscle mass gains. Strength training will help us to sculpt and shape our upper bodies to create the taper, which will offer the illusion of a tiny waist.  It will also help to grow our glutes and tone our thighs.

Core Training and Stability Work – this will keep our cores nice and tight and also ensure our poster is correct, helping our form through our lifts as well.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training torches body fat whilst allowing us to preserve muscle. HIIT helps create lean shape and also ensures that we are burning calories long after our session is done.

Now, I need to touch on probably the most important factor when it comes to obtaining the perfect Waist to Booty (#WTV) Ratio, and that is….DIET

What many people fail to understand about the waist, is that diet is absolutely paramount when it comes to a having lean core and small waist.  Abs, and your waist are built in the kitchen more so than the gym. There is no way around it.  Nutrition is the fundamental key to success; it fuels your sessions, feeds your muscles, aids in recovery and will also be the difference between having a small, tight core, or not.  This is exactly why I provide my clients with customised nutrition and meal plans specifically to suit them, and their goals.



Bodies by Rachel prides itself on creating and delivering the very best programs when it comes to helping women all over the world achieve their ultimate bikini bodies. This program specifically focuses on enhancing or creating the attributes that makes a woman look feminine; we aim to tighten up your waist and focus on building the booty. We focus the training throughout this program on these two things specifically, and coupled with perfect nutrition, we can help you sculpt an hourglass shape and give you curves in all the right places. 

This program is designed to help you obtain a gorgeous waist to booty ratio #WTB. 

Join me for my 6 Week Bikini Body Challenge!

This Challenge is a hybrid of our Booty and Shred Challenges, incorporating the most effective components of each.

In this program you will find workouts targeted at sculpting a tight, lean core – and a gorgeous curve in your glutes and legs.  This program is designed to help you become the best version of you, and sculpt that #WaistToBooty ratio that we all love.

  • Challenge open Worldwide
  • Can cater for Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescetarians & Intolerances
  • Fortnightly Check Ins
  • Choice of HOME or GYM Based Workouts (you’ll get access to BOTH!)

Challenge begins 12th March, 2018

Click the link for more information and to register now!

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