If you follow me on social media you will know that my new venture, Amor Swimwear, is finally launching.  I truly couldn’t be more excited to share one of my greatest passions with you all.

I have received so many questions about Amor, so I thought I would take some time to share this with you!


What is Amor Swimwear?

Amor Swimwear is a line of swimwear that Lauren Simpson and myself have been working on for quite some time now.

If you follow Lauren or myself on Instagram you will see that we both have a shared passion and love for all things summer, sea and of course swimwear.

Lauren and I often spend quality time together at the beach, this is where we relax, become grounded, connect to self and hold a space of gratitude.  It is where we feel most free.

That feeling becomes addictive, and wanted to share it; this is why we created Amor.


Why “Amor”?

AMOR means love and that is exactly what we endeavor to promote and carry throughout our brand.

The line was created to be more than just superficial material; we wanted the brand to embody energy.  We shaped these pieces with the hopes of building a brand that would empower women to love and respect either.  In a world where there is endless amounts pressure to look and feel a certain way, we aspired to build a feminine community where the energy is pure and inviting, where every woman can love her self and feel comfortable in her own skin.

At Amor Swimwear we believe that “your vibe attracts your tribe” and thus we envision building this awareness; a consciousness of divine feminine love, of self adoration, and love for our fellow females.  By surrounding yourself with this, you will attract more of that to you.


How did you name your line?

The law of energy is a powerful thing, we believe in energy, in attraction and this is why we named our pieces so specifically. When you put on an Amor piece we want you to feel like the goddess you are, embody that energy, then exude your unique confidence outward to the world.  Every time you wear one of our garments we want you feel the way you’re supposed to; full of self-adoration, full of love.


 Our first launch includes the following pieces:

Desire – Desire is a beautiful word. It emanates a craving, a wanting.  When I wear this bikini I feel connected to my sensual side. It created a passionate and lustful energy with in me.

Enchanted – When I wear enchanted I think of magic.  Its captivating, a little mysterious yet beautifully charming.

Luminous –A goddess like confidence was the energy envisioned for this set, it fills me with light.

Mesmerised – I love this word and all that it stands for; “ to captivate the complete attention of someone”.  This set emits a beautiful magic, a hypnotic spell.

Radiance – With radiance I think of an abundance of health and youth.  An inner glow that shines outwards.  Radiance is both heat and light emanating outwards. Isn’t that beautiful?  Let both your light and your fire shine!


Our first launch begins pre-sales this Wednesday, 20th December (AEST).

CLICK HERE to pre-register your interest and be first notified when the line goes live.

There are limited quantities, sizes and colours in each design.  We will be posting across our social media accounts on the day, as soon as the line goes live. 

Follow @amor_swimwear on Instagram to stay up to date with launch!


If you would like to see what each bikini looks like, please click the link below for a behind the scene look at our Amor photo shoot:



Loz and I are truly beyond excited to share this with you, we hope you enjoy wearing the line as much as we enjoyed creating it.


We are grateful for your love and support.


All our love,

Rach xx





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