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Are you looking to shred unwanted body fat and achieve a full body transformation? This program contains all the tools you need to kickstart your journey! I’ve created this program to share my most effective training, nutrition, and mindset methods to help you transform in just 28 days. If your goal is to lose weight and burn unwanted fat, this is the program for you!

My 28 Day Shred is one of my most popular programs, and has proven to be the starting point that has changed the lives of thousands of women. Are you ready to change yours?

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What’s included?

28 Days of Workouts

Receive my favourite workouts to help you shred fat and tone up FAST! This program shares a combination of resistance and circuit style training, with each workout ranging from 45-70 minutes. These are gym workouts, but steers away from any complex gym equipment (still great for ladies who prefer training at home!)

Nutrition Guide

Gain access to an effective meal guide for your body type! I share a wealth of information about healthy eating habits and provide an outline of what to eat in order to maximise your results. You will also receive different options to cater for any dietary requirements!

Motivation Guide

I share my approach to self love and positive body image - helping you to stay motivated through every day of this program. This includes daily quotes, tasks and mantras to change your mindset and build your confidence!

Beauty Guide

Want to know my tips and tricks to help you get your glow? This guide includes my personal favourite beauty insights, including the products and routines I’m currently following. This program is all about looking and feeling your best!

Learn To Love Yourself

Change your mindset with daily quotes, activities and challenges to build your confidence and love yourself.

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