Challenge: 6 Week - Team Bikini
"I found Rachel and BBR on Instagram a while ago and I was amazed by all the transformations. I decided to make an investment in myself and join the challenge because I have been so sick of feeling bad about myself and the way I look.
Honestly I was a little afraid about dieting because I thought that I would end up starving and feel terrible for six weeks. I ended up being positively surprised when I received my meal guide and realized that even though I would be in a deficit, I would still get to eat enough. Probably the most surprising thing I learned is that even when dieting, you can still eat real food and you don’t have to starve. This left me really motivated to learn more about nutrition and I really want to continue eating healthy and nutritious food. 
In the beginning six workouts a week felt like a lot especially since the workouts were so intense. But even after the first week I started to see small changes and that really motivated me at times when I didn’t feel like working out at all. The option to complete workouts at home was such a lifesaver on those days as well, because if I would have had to go to the gym I probably wouldn’t have done the workouts at all. But every time I completed a workout I felt so good was so pleased with myself. 
I really love that there was a check in in the challenge so there was a possibility to get feedback and know that I was on the right track even though I didn’t really see that much changes as I may have wanted. The most important thing I realized is that this really is a process that takes time and patience and although I’m not where I want to be yet, I’m definitely getting there one day. I now know that I can, and I will reach my goals. I just have to keep improving my mindset, build up my confidence and keep working hard on the gym.
The support from the team and in the forum is so amazing and motivating and I can’t wait until I have enough time to commit to a challenge again and give it 100%."