A couple of weeks ago, I posted in my forum asking the girls if they had any questions regarding training and nutrition. There were so many great questions that i thought other girls must be wondering the same thing, so i decided to answer them here. The list of answers below address the most frequently asked questions. I hope these are of use to you and help you on your fitness journey <3

Can you swap the same type of food (eg protein) for another, gram for gram.

This is such a common question. I really recommend if you are new to fitness that you take some time to educate yourself on macros and learning how to properly use tracking apps. There are so many helpful articles and YouTube videos that explain and demonstrate exactly how this works.

To answer the question, no, not all foods are created equal.

e.g. pumpkin and sweet potato are both carb sources yet they have completely different macro profiles.

Let’s look at 200g of each carb and their macro nutrient profile:

200g pumpkin – 40 cals , 9 carbs, .1g fat, 1.4g protein

200g Sweet potato 180 cals, 41.4g carbs. 3g fat and 4g protein

Lets look at two proteins for another example:

100g chicken breast – 165 cal, 0g carb, 3.6g fat, 31g protein

100g beef mince – 225 cal, 0g carb, 12.9g fat, 27.5g protein

As you can see each has different calories, carbs, proteins, and fats. If you are just randomly making swaps you could be throwing your macros out drastically.

Learning how to make swaps correctly will be of great use to your goals and save you from under or over eating on calories.

How do you keep mentally healthy?

I have a very high pressure lifestyle where a lot of the time I am in stressful situations or am in the position to be criticized and judged by others, so for me being healthy mentally is essential, especially in this industry.

The two biggest things that keep me healthy in both mind and spirit are training and diet. You probably rolled your eyes, like “of course, give us the real answer Rachel”, but I am serious girls!

The food we consume directly affects our brains, gut health, immune system and body; if we eat crap, we will feel like crap. It’s as simple as that. Have you ever noticed how after a big cheat meal you feel tired and sluggish? Well some people live their whole life only knowing that state because each daily meal is processed. By choosing a clean, wholefood-based diet the majority of the time it sets my body and mind up for success.

Training does the same thing. When I move my body, I am taking time for my self, it’s a form of meditation to me. Not only this but exercise releases endorphins and provides your body with even MORE energy.

Other than this, I try to keep a balanced lifestyle where possible and make time for the things that make my heart and soul happy, such as spending time with friends and family.

And lastly, I acknowledge the things that I am grateful for each day. Being grateful brings more abundance in to your life. It’s pretty hard to be negative when you start listing all the things in your life that you are grateful for – give it a go x

What are my views on eating and training when sick?

I am all for listening to your body. If you are truly sick and you are feeling fatigued and lethargic, do not train! Rest is imperative to healing! Putting more stress on your body than it is already undergoing, trying to recover from your illness will simply prolong the duration of your sickness. If, however, you just have a runny nose and the rest of you is fine, train. Don’t use minor things as an excuse. You know when you’re actually sick or not.

With regards to eating, I always tell my girls to increase their micro-nutrients in times of illness. Lots of bone broths and healthy vegetables will help you recover quicker.

My other tip here is do not eat crappy foods when you are sick. You are what you eat. Processed foods, sugar, gluten and dairy all cause inflammation in the body and are actually anti-nutrient foods – this means they can pull nutrients from your body. When you are recovering from sickness, you need all the help you can get so steer clear of foods that will make you worse.

What are my views on training while fasted or should you eat first?

Personally, I normally do cardio in a fasted state when I wake up and my weights will be done in the afternoon when I’ve had a few meals for better strength.

I do often times do weighted HIIT sessions first up in the morning and these will also be fasted.

There is evidence to show that training fasted is beneficial for insulin levels and fat burning. It also allows your body to have more focus and energy for your session, rather than trying to digest copious amounts of food – digestion requires A LOT of energy.

If you are lifting for strength then I suggest eating before you train.

Different goals require different methods.

If you miss a training session should I double up the next day?

If you miss a session you can always use that day as your designated rest day and then switch the missed session to the previously allocated rest day. Or you may choose to do it on a day where your only session is cardio, doing cardio in the morning and the missed session in the afternoon for example.

At the end of the day if you are worried about results, remeber that 80 percent of your results come from diet, not training.

And lastly; how do I find motivation to train in the afternoon/ evening?

If I am tired in the afternoon I will always have some Oxyshred or an iced long black. I will ask one of the girls to train and BLAST some upbeat music while we get ready. This normally gets me fired up.


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