The silly season is fast approaching and most of us are already in the midst of Christmas parties and holiday festivities. During the next couple of weeks we seem to loosen up the reigns on our strict health regimes and indulge a little bit more with food and alcohol.


I have been receiving a lot of questions from my beautiful clients about drinking; what is the “best” way to drink and how to manage a hang over.


I share my tips below!




My number one tip here is “keep it simple”. Do not go and splurge on calorie dense cocktails. Did you know a Pina Colada contains 700 CALORIES?! Two of those and that’s most girl’s daily intake blown.


I always stick with straight vodka or tequila with lots of fresh lemon or lime (avoid the cordials as they are high in sugar) and soda water. This way the calories stay low (approx. 50- 70 cal) and you are hydrating at the same time.


Another easy option that tastes slightly more exciting is the sugar free cruisers or mixing straight sprits with your diet soft drinks, I am however, not a huge advocate of over doing the sugar free things either.


Before you go to bed make a conscious effort to hydrate; drink a litre of water and if its accessible add a lemon. This will just help the cleansing process and helps prevent hangovers.




Your head hurts and you’re feeling sorry for yourself… what do you do?



Alcohol dehydrates the body so ensure you’re doubling up on your water for the day. Sipping on BCAA’s or Coconut water is also amazing for getting rid of a hangover, as both are high in electrolytes that replenish the depleted stores. I also add Himalayan salt and lemon juice to your water too in order to alkalize and add further minerals.



My favourite ways to cleanse after a night of drinking is:

Greens:  Double your dosage of your powdered greens for the day. Alcohol leaves us in an acidic state help to combat this by alkalizing the body again. This will help balance our PH levels much faster.

Lemon:  Natures perfect detox. Have 1 to 2 full lemons over the course of the day to help detox, cleanse and alkalize the body.

Chia seeds:  Chia seeds expand when they are in liquid and turn gelatinous. The amazing thing about this is that they stick to all the gunk inside of our intestines and pull the toxins out with them as they are excreted out of the body.

Charcoal:  This is one of the most powerful natural detoxifiers. I swear by it. One teaspoon of this and you are well on your way to detox central. Charcoal helps to rid the body of toxicity, whilst aiding in alkalization.


Happy Tummy

70 precent of serotonin (happy hormones) is produced in the gut; if your gut isn’t happy, neither are you. Ensure you’re dosing up on probiotics, L glutamine and fermented foods after a night out.


B’s Baby

B-vitamins are responsible for many metabolic processes of the body and the liver detox pathways rely on B’s to detox effectively. Ensure you’re taking your B Vitamins or a Berocca after a night out.


High Fats

Alcohol disrupts the bodies hormones, specifically insulin and cortisol in order to “reset” your hormones after a night out, drop the carbs slightly and focus on good, nutritious whole healthy fat sources, proteins and vegetables.


Sweat baby sweat

It is important to stimulate the lymphatic system to excrete toxins and get the blood flowing. If you are too damaged to exercise, try the sauna or a swim in the ocean, which has the added benefit of magnesium through sea salt.


Love your liver

Brassica vegetables comprise of enzymes that support liver detox so make a point of consuming them the day after a night out.. Lemon water with apple cider vinegar is also a great liver detox.


Reset post festive season

All the tasty foods and alcohol over the silly season can throw your body seriously out of whack!  Especially if you’ve been maintaining a healthy diet year round.  If post Christmas and New Year you find yourself a little worse for wear, you may need a reset!

Bloating; always feeling tired; fatigued in the gym; lack of motivation – these are all signs that your body is in desperate need of a reset. While your body is in this state it will struggle to respond to what you’re asking it to do!

A reset basically focuses on two things – gut health and hormonal balance. So it works with your bodies systematic functions back in check!

CLICK HERE to view a video of Emma and I explaining exactly how a reset diet works.

If you have any questions about a reset, or want to pre-purchase so you’re ready to go as soon as the New Year hits, email me to and we can get you sorted.


Love, Rach xx

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