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Ready to take control of your fitness journey?

We’ve created this short quiz to recommend the most effective BBR Program for you!
No matter your goal, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get started!
How Old Are You?
18 - 24
25 - 34
35 - 44
45 +
Have you completed a BBR Program previously?
What is your current fitness level?
I have never trained before
I train sometimes but my approach lacks structure
I have experience but want to take my training to the next level
I am an advanced trainer who wants to try the BBR method
What is your main area of focus?
I want to focus on sculpting my legs and growing my glutes.
I love to lift and challenge myself with my weight selection.
Lower body workouts are my favourite.
I want to lose fat and achieve a full body transformation.
I enjoy intense circuit-style workouts that require minimal equipment and burn more calories per session.
I want to create a strong feminine shape: tight waist, round glutes, shapely legs.
I prefer implementing a variety of training styles, such as resistance workouts, sculpting sessions and cardio.
I’m not sure what I should choose.
All of the above sounds great!
Which approach to nutrition describes you best?
I’ve never followed a Meal Guide or tracked my intake.
I’ve followed a Meal Guide before but am unsure how to track my own meals.
I am very experienced with following Meal Guides and really want to learn about flexible dieting.
I follow a flexible dieting approach and am experienced with tracking my macros.
For successfully completing the quiz!

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