The biggest comment I receive from my clients just days after starting on of my programs is that they notice a huge difference in their moods, attitude and ability to sleep. Have you ever noticed that when you clean up your diet, you tend to feel better mentally? You’re less moody, you have better energy and it is easier for you to focus. Have you ever considered as to why this may be? This is because 95% of our serotonin is produced by our gut microbes in our digestive tract. Serotonin is the hormone that regulates our hormones and creates that happiness feeling. Most disease and inflammation in the human body is caused by imbalance in the gut flora, and this is because our microbiome is constantly under attack from stress, environmental factors such as toxins and our poor food choices. In order to fix our mental state and mood disorders it is necessary that we fix our gut microbiomes. We balance our microbiome by making better lifestyle choices and this will directly result in helping us resolve many of our inflammatory symptoms including mood disorders. What causes a microbiome imbalance? Foods like gluten, sugars, msg, refined carbohydrates and processed foods disrupt our gut bacteria and cause imbalances between the good and bacteria’s in our gut. Once the integrity of the gut wall breaks down and we develop a poorly-balanced microbiome, the effects on the conscious “brain” and mental health are multi-fold. As 95% of the serotonin in the human body is produced in the GI tract, a “happy” gut is one that produces plenty of serotonin to share with the brain. “Friendly” bacteria themselves produce B Vitamins, amino acids, short-chain fatty acids and other molecules that human beings need to produce adequate serotonin and dopamine, our “happy” neurotransmitters. This scenario completely changes when the GI tract tissue is damaged by stress and the microbial population favours “unfriendly” types of bacteria. In this unhappy situation, the gut is less likely to produce enough serotonin and the “unfriendly” bacteria produce chemicals that are over-stimulating to the brain, contributing to the pathology of anxiety and depression. How do we fix our gut microbiome? When our gut is nourished our gut bacteria is healthy and we feel good; happy. Good gut health is imperative if you want to see improvements in your moods but also your immunity and everyday health, as well as weight loss. Here are my top ways to have a healthy gut.  
  • Do a diet reset to help balance gut flora if you have abused carbohydrates. Emma has one here…
  • Taking amino acids which feed the serotonin eg collagen and tryptophan
  • Put back some good bacteria. I love Garden Of Life as my probiotic brand as they are raw and come from nature and are dairy free
  • Coconut Oil is a great gut healer, detoxifier and antibacterial agent.
  • Consume fermented foods like kefir and sauerkraut
  • Nourish your stomach lining with L – Glutamine
  • Have apple cider and digestive enzymes with meals to help aid in digestion.
  • Eat prebiotic rich foods such as onions, leeks, asparagus, bananas and flax seeds.
  • Focus on sleep and destressing techniques. Stress and lack of sleep cause havoc on our digestive systems.
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